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T60 Ega - Ghế giám đốc

Hãng sản xuất: Fursys
Mã sản phẩm: T60
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  • Chất liệu:Leather - chân Crom
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Ghế giám đốc cao cấp T60 Ega là dòng ghế chính hãng Hàn Quốc được thiết kế công thái học và sang trọng dành cho giám đốc và lãnh đạo trong công ty, văn phòng, nhà máy. Sản phẩm đến từ thương hiệu Fursys, xuất xứ Hàn Quốc.


Designed by Claudio Bellini, the T60 is a highly responsive task chair, offering optimum comfort. The unique, moulded, single piece, U-line backrest increases torsion and flexibility therefore maximising comfort and lumbar support. Pressure points are prevented due to the clever seat shell shape, permitting the cushion to respond and adapt to body movements. Combine this with breathable fabric and perforated foam, the T60 is a master piece in ergonomic seating.

EGA Climaflex A new standard of comfort

Over the last 15 years we have been witnessing an amazing evolution in the world of office chairs not only in terms of how they look, but crucially, in terms of performance, ergonomics and comfort. Adjustment and syncromechanisms have been developed in many different directions, but the most interesting research has been in the area of chair-back construction and technology. With the new EGA chair range designed for Sidiz, my intention was to use advances in this area to achieve a quantum leap in user comfort. This is why, for both the task and the side range chair, we developed an innovative backrest (Climaflex) which combines all the best features of the various different solutions currently available. A plastic shell, cut from the lumbar to the shoulder area and fitted with a perforated foam cushion and an elastic insert, offers extra flexibility and ventilation, typical of a net, but giving the sense of protection that nets does not. The unique shape of the shell provides three-dimensional comfort because of its torsional capability, while at the same time providing sufficient and fully adjustable lumbar support. This practical solution becomes also the key element in the design language of the chair, with the distinctive shape of its back being accentuated by the contrast with the different fabric colours. A new generation of chairs that uses high-end technology to deliver comfort and wellness in today s office workers demands. Claudio Bellini

Body and soul The soul expresses its needs through the body. And EGA meets these needs. The unique U-line backrest of the EGA chair, moulded in a single piece, provides the shoulder area with three-dimensional freedom of movement through increased torsion and flexibility, while at the same time providing effective support in the lumbar region. The Climaflex textile technology, in combination with a perforated foam, allows a high degree of air circulation. The front of the plastic seat shell is shaped in such a way that the cushion can move

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