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What is a good chair ?


What is a good chair ? Many people question this when they search for new desk chairs. Ergonomic adjustment functions are needed to perfectly customize the chair, and maybe mesh materials could be a plus adding pleasant airflow. As all people have different body types and different preferences, it's hard to say that something is the absolute chair. However, it is quite fair to think that a sustainable chair made out of high quality is a good one.


Sidiz also has several ways to secure its product quality;

BIFMA-adhering testing, detailed processing, and using high quality components are those.



First of all, Sidiz strictly tests its products according to the US BIFMA standard, and produces safe and durable chairs. At our factory, the backrests are tested 300,000 times with 99.2lbf and 74.9lbf separately having 224.8 pound weight applied on the seat. This is to ensure users have a solid chair that lasts a long period. For the seating durability test, the chair is pushed 100,000 times with 125lbs weight applied.


Above this, there are twenty other test items that are chosen according to the chair type and characteristics. Sidiz’s effort to make a truly good chair is shown by its definitive tests, and this is one of the biggest reasons why Sidiz is confident of its task chairs.




Secondly, all products are processed in detailed steps. Many brands have design capabilities but outsource the manufacturing process by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing). However, Sidiz supervises all processes from designing to selling. This means Sidiz products are manufactured in its own plants, and by doing so Sidiz is capable of producing chairs with reliable qualities.


Lastly, high quality components are used for Sidiz products. For example, approximately 200 parts are used for the T50 series which are mostly produced by automobile manufacturers. For T80, Sidiz collaborated with ITO Design to design a highly ergonomic chair. 138 parts were used for T80’s tilt, and the manufacturing process was also altered to a sophisticated handwork system. By this, the chair could provide ultimate synchronization with the user, having only 3.2mm gap between the user and the chair.


※ Link to ITO Design : http://www.ito-design.com/projects/2014_sidiz_t80_ch/


The quote by Sidiz's founder D.C. Sohn would be a good example of how Sidiz thinks of product quality. Sidiz truly believes that making a product that sells itself is the key, and manufacturing in a honest way, Sidiz works to meet up with the expectations of our valued customers.




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